A bartender
in a can.

Inspired by Gin & Tonic

the party
is in sesh.

Inspired by Mojito

Yes we canned.

Palm trees in a can

seltzer meets sophistication.

Iconic. Classic. Delicious.

It started in a dorm room. But this is not a typical drinking story.

It all started in a sesh. Or a hang. Or whatever you want to call it when you get together with your favorite people over drinks.

And that’s when we realized the problem. It was the tradeoff that we were forced to make with our drinks. Carb-filled beer, sugary mixers, expensive cocktails, or fruity-but-flavorless seltzer all fell short.

We had problems.

One of our co-founders, Nate, was a college athlete and is a Type-1 diabetic, so he has always been hyper aware of sugar and carb content. Our other co-founder, Zeke, comes from a long line of spirits pioneers, which instilled in him respect and high standards for authentic flavors.

First and foremost, we wanted a drink that we’d actually enjoy with the people we actually enjoy. As with our choices in friends, we wanted it to have taste. So we combined the rich and genuine flavor profiles of cocktails with the low calorie, low carb, and low sugar format of a spiked seltzer to create SESH.


We have finally satisfied our unquenchable desire to have it all in a cocktail that we could enjoy all night without ruining the next day.We believe bold flavors worth drinking should bring people together, create meaningful experiences, and—most of all—not make any compromises.So here’s to the next thousand get-togethers. And to the better drinks that fuel them. Here’s to the next SESH.
Meet Our
Flavorful Foursome.


Our President, Nate, will be the first to tell you that this is the fun one. Its crisp, refreshing, and airy profile make it his favorite can in the crew. The medley of mint, citrus fruits, and notes of sweet rum transports you to a beach from wherever you are. (Minus the sand in the bathing suit.) It’s an easy, refreshing way to kick off any party or kick off your flip-flops and relax in the sun.


The Mojito has been popular in Cuba for centuries. It was first introduced to the world when francis drake, a british naval officer and later one of the most notorious pirates in history, invaded cuba and discovered the drink. Named for the african word mojo for magic, this magic cocktail gained even more fame when Ernest hHmingway made it his drink of choice.

Gin & Tonic

Strange how something so simple—gin, tonic, a twist of lime—can taste so sophisticated. Just ask Zeke, our CEO. Maybe it’s his favorite drink because it’s what he drank with his grandfather. Maybe it’s because he appreciates the depth of our blend of juniper, custom botanicals, and citrus tanginess. It’s bold and flavorful. And it’s proof that basic doesn’t mean boring.


In the 19th century, British soldiers in India were encouraged to drink quinine each day to prevent malaria. A serving of gin was already included in their daily rations, so they combined the gin and quinine to cut its bitter taste, and voila! The Gin & Tonic was born. Mission accomplished.

Tequila paloma

If sweet were one end of a tightrope and sour were the other, the Paloma would be balanced right in the middle. Just ask the entire country of Mexico, as it’s the most popular drink there. Our head brewer, Adam, prefers our Paloma for its perfect combination of notes of ruby red grapefruit, tangy refreshing lime, and exciting bite of tequila flavor. Shots and blended drinks have given tequila a bit of a rowdy reputation. The Paloma is our effort to mellow it out so that it can still make a full-flavored showing at any backyard BBQ or parking lot pregame.


Little is known about the historical origin of the Paloma, the most popular tequila-based cocktail in Mexico. Some believe that it is named after la Paloma (“the dove”), the popular folk song composed in the early 1860s. Difford’s Guide states it was created by the legendary Don Javier Delgado Corona, owner and bartender of La Capilla, in Tequila, Mexico. Either way, you may as well partake and add to its lore.

moscow mule

Warm, yet refreshing. Smooth, but complex. Edgy, yet comforting. Gingery, yet limey. Our Moscow Mule embodies all of the paradoxes of the original that comes in the copper mug. But this one comes in a can. Drink it all year round (like Brian, our COO, does) wherever you’re getting together with good friends. Not just at a snooty bar with the right glassware.


The Moscow Mule was born in 1941 when a Russian immigrant named Sophie brought thousands of unsellable copper mugs to the United States. Sophie walked into the Cock ‘n’ Bull pub at just the right time, on the right day in 1941 to help create a cocktail America would fall in love with. John Martin had purchased the floundering Smirnoff vodka distillery in the 1930s.  Americans had no interest in vodka. Beer, whiskey, and other cocktails ruled the roost in America at this time. Jack Morgan was in a similar bind. As owner of the Cock ‘n’ Bull, he was trying to introduce America to his own brand of ginger beer. The trio spent hours developing a drink that would bring together the fizzy nature of the ginger beer, the punch of the vodka, and the cold properties of copper to create the next great cocktail. The Moscow Mule was born on that day in 1941. The perfect combination of vodka and ginger beer, housed in a solid copper mug that kept the drink cold and enhanced its flavor and aroma, resulting in a cocktail that America would fawn over for the next century and beyond.

SESH With Us.The whole point of SESH is to connect with friends over quality drinks.

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